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Wilder Side Celebrates Delivering Freedom Launchers to over 16 Different Hull designs! And Results after 12 months on Hobie PA 12!

Welcome to Wilder Side! We are the creators of the Freedom Launcher® landing gear suitable for fishing kayaks and canoes. What is our value story?

  • Legs that easily deploy while seated and floating on your kayak

  • Vertical legs that put more weight on the wheels; less on your hands

  • Sturdy frame and special mounts to reduce chances to damage your hull

  • Maintenance-free mechanism that is compatible with marine environment

  • Cool features like kayak specific leg swept profiles and various color options

Here is the matrix of the install base of various kayak designs to date.

Scott, Jim, David, Ric, and Darin: I can't wait to get pictures from each of you to fill in the matrix with actual user pictures!!

If you want to shop our landing gear, visit our landing gear page here:

We recently released a video explaining some of the key features and benefits of the Freedom Launcher and relate the experience that Will Akers has had on his PA 12. Will installed in April 2023 and has has been using the Freedom Launcher now for 12 months and is a real advocate for the product and the brand. I'm blessed to have him as a customer and a friend. We've had an exciting start to 2024 and look forward to meeting more kayakers in the days ahead!

Here is a link to that YouTube video I mentioned. Until next time, tight lines and stay safe out there - David.

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