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First Hobie PA14 Install a Success!!

I travelled to New York to document and record media on the first ever Freedom Launcher install on a Hobie PA 14. Many thanks to Scott Beattie for inviting me to the party and being a very gracious host. Scott put up with me and my random stories for the better part of two days. We ended up getting the job done from around 8:30am - 4:30pm on a Friday. Along the way, I found a few tweaks that will make the next Hobie PA14 install go easier.

Here are some pics of our adventure together.

Prepping to drill the center four holes...

Crossbar Mounted!!!

Putting it all together

Ending in a satisfied customer and friend!!

Scott did a driveway test... quick feedback from a Sunday afternoon -- thanks Scott!!!

I hope to get the install documents for future customers next month.

Tight lines y'all.


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