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News from Wilder Side: New Mounting Solution for Hobie Outback with H-rails and ICAST prep

Updated: Apr 1

A customer called from the Pacific Northwest wanting a mounting solution for his Outback that had H rails installed behind the seat. I was able to take existing parts and make a new mounting solution. It is great to be in a position to be able to to that!! That unit was built and should be arriving to the customer tomorrow. I can't wait to see it installed and out on the water!

In other news, I'm preparing to represent the brand and our Freedom Launcher product at ICAST '24 in Orlando, Florida this July. We will be on the big stage and looking forward to what dealers and other industry insiders think of our new products.

I was busy in the studio last weekend creating new YouTube content; this week I've been editing and uploading future releases. I'll try to keep you abreast as they go live.

Here is the video of the Outback solution I mentioned earlier. Hope you all stay safe and have great adventures as you brave the springtime weather to launch into the wild!

Tight lines!


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