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David Schricker, Founder

Origins of Wilder Side

I grew up on Leech Lake, a large body of water in northern Minnesota.  For as long as I can remember, I enjoyed cruising along the margins, back in the bog looking for interesting critters.  In the last couple of years, I’ve returned to my roots and traded in my water skis for a pair of binoculars to enjoy spotting wildlife on other large bodies of water.  For me, going light, quiet, and double in a watercraft is both a personal challenge and an adventure.  During my journeys, I’ve run into other paddlers that have to hassle with getting their gear from their vehicle to the water, just like me.  I thought that there must be a better way.  So, I experimented with a few designs, and then in 2021, decided to make Wilder Side(TM)  my full time passion and developed the latest design, the Freedom Launcher(TM).    I wanted a design that could be light-weight, handle at least 250 lbs. of boat and gear, and be adaptable to most kayaks and canoes.  I also wanted it to be an absolute blast to use and not have the stowed wheels sitting about at unsightly angles.  I'm excited to offer the Freedom Launcher to kayak and canoe enthusiasts.  Our formal product launch will coincide with Canoecopia 2022 in Madison Wisconsin in March.  I hope to see you there!


Mission: JOY

As a paddler or e-boater, you have several options to transfer your watercraft to the water.  You have your current solution.  Maybe you are happy with it... or not so much?  

I've experienced some of the hassles just like you.  Do you recognize any of these?

· Do you have to pay rent to store a trailer for your canoe or kayak?

· Do you have to remove your wheel dolly after you put the boat in the water?

· Do you have to remove your gear once your wheel system gets close to the water (scupper legs?)

· Is it a hassle to store or disassemble your kayak cart once you get to the water?

· Are you avoiding using your craft because it is a hassle getting to the water?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then I encourage you to learn more about the Freedom LauncherTM), and say good-bye to the hassles and “Hello” to the fun!

Freedom Launcher Fig 6B.jpg


Making waterborne experiences safe, fun, exciting in new ways for young and old alike.  Make e-boating more than functional - let's find the excitement together!

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