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Driving on Ice Cubes on our Way to Canoecopia '23

We packed up the Jeep and the Murano yesterday ready to share our company story and products at the largest indoor paddlesports show in the world. It is normally about a 3.5 hr drive, but we were about 70 miles out and driving on frozen rain/snow and we called it in Rockford... after we so an offramp with 3 semis and 3 cars pulled off and parking and one car turned sideways on the ramp... we were blessed to find a room in our fav hotel and enjoyed a chat with a new friend Carson at the bar. Can't wait to get there and see all the cool gear from other manufacturers too!! Hope to post some pictures here when we catch our breath.

I just published my first discount code to the company Facebook page just this morning!! Seems like there are new things every day!!

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