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This upgrade is only compatible paired with an order for a Freedom Launcher Gen 3.

Order will be void and cancelled if ordered as a standalone.


This Kit includes 2 x Gen 3 Freedom Brackets finished in Anodized black.


Brackets will be finished with product labeling as specified by user's original choice.

Gen 3 Upgrade to Anodized Black

Excluding Sales Tax |
Select Freedom Bracket Trim Color
  • Additional Terms and Conditions for Free or Subsidized Upgrade to Gen 3 Freedom Brackets for Customers with Gen 2 Hardware:

    1. Customer agrees to return Gen 2 Freedom Bracket.  A prepaid return label will be provided to return hardware in same box the Gen 3 hardware is used to ship.
    2. Customer agrees to take 6-8 pictures of newly installed Gen 3 Freedom Bracket, focusing on 3 pictures behind, even with, and in front of cross bar and pointing in the general direction of the bracket attaching crossbar to the kayak.  Repeat on both left and right for a total of six pictures.   Additionally, send in a couple pictures of the entire kayak, either on wheels on land or floating in water.
    3. Pictures and returned Freedom Brackets should be sent to no later than 30 days after receipt of Gen 3 hardware upgrade.  I would prefer if you actually copied the pictures to my Google drive so that I get full picture quality.  Details on this procedure will follow.
    4. Hope you all have lots of fun with this and let me know if there are issues or concerns!!


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