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This kit is specially configured for Hobie Kayaks: Mirage PA 12 / PA 14 180 or 360 drive


Our most popular trim level, the Sportsman Classic offers a Black Powder Coat Freedom Bracket with an option of three trim colors.  New for 2024, this kit features our Gen 3 Freedom bracket, with less parts to assemble and a sleek new look.


This Freedom Launcher arrangement is designed specifically for the Hobie kayaks listed above.  Our goal is to provide you a ready-made kit that will adapt directly to your specific kayak and has the necessary brackets and reinforcement plates to make your application a success.


Currently we have product in stock and normal order to ship times run 5-7 business days to assemble and package this style of landing gear.


Why purchase a Freedom Launcher??


Our customers told us:  tired of wrestling with your heavy kayak - lifting it up onto your portable wheels in the parking lot or boat launch, then having the kayak slide off their cart.   Or their landing gear require twisting your shoulder in uncomfortable positions to retract or deploy.


 If this sounds like you, the Freedom Launcher® takes much of the pain and hassle out of your watercraft launching process! It is a revolutionary and patented design (U.S. Pat. No. 12,006,009) of retractable wheels for kayaks and canoes that neatly fold up parallel to the side of your watercraft. Simply push the release lever and guide the wheels to the extended or retracted position. No fiddling with locking pins as they are built into the system. Watercraft stays upright during the launching process. No need to remove gear from watercraft at water’s edge.


The Hobie® brand and trademark is used strictly for customer purposes to enable current Hobie owners to find suitable gear from our website.  Use of the Hobie brand does not constitute an endorsement or relationship between Wilder Side and Hobie.


Freedom Launcher® - Sportsman Classic for Hobie PA 12 / PA 14

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Select Cross-bar Color
    • Marine tested product
    • Maximum supported weight:  225 lb
    • Weight of unit with CTUG wheels:  20 lb
    • Maximum width of watercraft hull at mounting location: 38”
    • Sweep of Legs relative to long axis of watercraft:  8 degree
    • Mounting Group: PA Ready Mount
  • When wheels are extended, intended solely for human manipulation of watercraft.


    Do not allow humans or pets to sit in or on watercraft while wheels are extended.

    To be used to transport watercraft and gear via human power between a land point (such as a parking lot) and waterside landing location only.

    Ask a friend to assist when operating on an incline as hand loads increase due to gravitational pull.  Requires physical strength, coordination, and balance to safely launch watercraft using landing gear.  Only use on inclines that you are able to safely navigate and control.

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