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This is the product that David has on his Wenonah Backwater.  We are currently pausing orders while we redesign our mounting system for canoes to enable even more weight and to make mounting even easier.  David will test on his rig, and then let you know when we will begin accepting orders - likely in the June 2023 timeframe.  Call for further details or to make inquiry.


Are you tired of wrestling with your heavy canoe solo... lifting it up onto your portable wheels in the parking lot or boat launch?  Or does your landing gear require twisting your shoulder in uncomfortable positions to retract or deploy?  If so, the Freedom Launcher (TM) takes the pain and hassle out of your watercraft launching process!  It is a revolutionary Patent pending design of retractable wheels for kayaks and canoes that  neatly fold up parallel to the side of your watercraft.  Simply push the release lever and guide the wheels to the extended or retracted position.  No fiddling with locking pins as they are built into the system.  Watercraft stays upright during the launching process.  No need to remove gear from watercraft at water’s edge.


We unveiled the product in March at Canoecopia 2022 and we received very positive feedback on this innovative product. this innovative product with you. Product quantities are limited in 2022.


The Freedom Launcher is custom manufactured to your watercraft specifications. The ordering process simple - measure your boat width and leg angle and leave the rest to us.  If you want your $5 burger cooked to your specifications, why not your landing gear too?


Canoe edition includes gunwale clamps as shown above.

Freedom Launcher - Sportsman Canoe Edition

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Color:  Black / silver

    Maximum supported weight:  250 lb

    Weight of unit less wheels:  under 13 lb

    Maximum width of watercraft hull at mounting location: 33”

    Sweep of Wheels relative to long axis of watercraft:  0 to 15 degree


  • When wheels are extended, intended solely for human manipulation of watercraft.


    Do not allow humans or pets to sit in or on watercraft while wheels are extended.

    To be used to transport watercraft and gear via human power between a land point (such as a parking lot) and waterside landing location only.

    Ask a friend to assist when operating on an incline as hand loads increase due to gravitational pull.  Requires physical strength, coordination, and balance to safely launch watercraft using landing gear.  Only use on inclines that you are able to safely navigate and control.

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