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First Dip of Freedom Launcher Landing Gear on the Peoria River in 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to Wilder Side!

I'm David, Founder of Wilder Side. In this post, I'll be showing how I used the Freedom Launcher for Canoe to get into the water. It is fit up to a fifteen foot Wenonah Backwater.

I loaded up on my Jeep Willy's and went for a drive last Saturday. I was looking forward to the first launch of the season.

Launch March 5, 2022

We had an unusually first Saturday in March with the high in the mid 70's. It was an ideal time to give my own Freedom Launcher a spin on land and in the water. You can see the 12 minute clip below:

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I was very happy with how quickly I could install the Freedom Launcher on my Canoe with two hand wheels and two pins. Assembly was a breeze, and by putting the batteries near the wheels, I could easily launch a +200# craft with one hand! The order board is opening this week. Check out our store to find out how this product may help you get to the water and in the water!

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Don Sandahl
Don Sandahl
17 mar 2022

Are you aware that your 12:50 demo video goes black at about 26 seconds?

Me gusta
30 abr 2022
Contestando a

Don, thanks for posting that... I wish I had seen that when I did a re-post. I had several cameras, and turned off "all" video feeds - OOPS. Finally did a recreation of that video to fix that... a bit humbled, and will be looking for any further "pilot" error on my next go around.

Me gusta
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