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SECRET VIDEO: Launching a Hobie Outback on Wilder Side Wheels

I'm giving a special treat to you all who subscribed to the Wilder Side newsletter.

I'm sharing below a private video on YouTube of the World's First Launch of a Hobie Outback using the Freedom Launcher Landing Gear. My friend Geoff demonstrated how easy it was to launch and land the Hobie Outback on a typical ramp located near our factory.

Geoff is a born adventurer, former tennis pro, and avid skier. He helped to launch the business in 2022. Now he is partnering with me to show how easy it is to use our gear. This was his very first experience in a Hobie of any kind.

He also attempted... and finally succeeded in using a Hobie scupper cart just as a comparison. That video has yet to be produced.... but let's just say there was quite a difference in user experience... right Geoff???

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