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New Product Offerings now on!!

I'm excited to announce that we now have model specific Freedom Launchers advertised on Wilder Side website. I've incorporated several customer photos as "hero images" of your watercraft. Thank you to each of the contributors for making this possible.

David from Arkansas became the first customer to order his Freedom Launcher with a Bonnlo beach/sand tire as original equipment. I tested these tires out last Friday in Illinois on my Bigwater 132 PDL. The video of that adventure can be seen here.

I have asked my supplier to quote me a stock of longer axles for this application. I hope to add this as a standard "upgrade" by March 2024.

I have other upgrades in mind for 2024 and will share as they become available. Do you have an idea for an upgrade (feature/color) that you would like to see? Send it in :)

Thanks all for a great year. Have a safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing about your adventures in 2024!


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