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Jan 1 2024: What a change from a year ago....

It was an eventful start to 2024 yesterday. I had four meaningful conversations with four different customers to start the year.

  • Matt is finishing up the first ever install on a Bonafide SS127 and provided feedback on how it went. Result: add clarification on a procedure in the instruction manual!!

  • David unboxed his gear going onto the first Old Town AP 120 install and just called to say it was too cold in his garage to start the install but he'd get to it soon. Also my first customer from Arkansas!

  • Carl called to wrap up a deal on the first Big Fish 108 and discuss how to install.

  • Mark reached out to see if we could fit up to a Jackson Big Rig HD!! I think we can! Send me pictures (sound familiar, Will??).

A year ago was a different story.... I hadn't had a significant sale in months... no customers were calling... and I had to face up to the fact that the business could fail... maybe wouldn't... but maybe would. The thoughts swirled in my head, "Does anybody out there want what the Freedom Launcher has to offer at a price I can still stay in business?" I really didn't know, and I couldn't pay a marketing firm the cost to find out. So, I kept the "Open" sign on the website and got about to getting more efficient at making parts, in the hopes that the business would grow.

On February 16th of last year, I said to myself I was getting tired of the four walls of the shop just making parts with no customer orders in sight. A day later, Will Akers called so excited to find out there was actually landing gear with the capabilities he was looking for for his PA 12. That marked the start of a change in the business that has steadily grown ever since. It was a fateful day and the continuation of new special bonds I've developed with my small tribe of customers.

I'm so grateful for each of the customers that put your faith and hard earned dollars into the business in exchange for the best landing gear on the planet!! (We think so). It's exciting to hear how well it is working on big kayaks and kayaks working out in marine environments. It really brings me joy to hear how the unit is helping my customers enjoy that they love.

Thanks guys! I hope more folks find the benefits of the Freedom Launcher, and enjoy the challenge of doing a great install.

I hope for all of you that you continue to enjoy the sport, the great experience on the water, and that you stay safe and fit in your pursuits of the pure joys of fishing and watersports!


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