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Hobie PA 12 Customer Delighted with Freedom Launcher!!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Will Akers is the first Hobie PA 12 owner to install retractable landing gear manufactured by Wilder Side. Will is delighted with his new landing gear solution and describes it as real Freedom, allowing him to launch and land his big boat and maintain the deck horizontal throughout the entire use cycle. Previously, Will used scupper carts included with his kayak. He chose not to use a competitive solution because he wanted a solution that allowed him to retract or deploy while comfortably seated on the water. Now he can do that with his new Freedom Launcher from Wilder Side!

Will recorded a quick launch and land in the following YouTube video posted at the channel.

Will spent time with Wilder Side discussing his experience ordering, installing, and using the Freedom Launcher for the past 60 days. His body is responding positively to the reduced strain due to an easier launching process. Hear Will's words directly below in the video clip on YouTube.

To see our revolutionary new Freedom Launcher, click here to the product page:

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