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Heading to ICAST with a New Product. Do you like the PROMO video??

MY ASK: I'm getting ready to release a new product edition called the Sportsman Ultimate. It includes the Anodized Freedom bracket as standard. So this video will accompany the new release in the ICAST New Product Showcase.

I have 5 days to tweak the video before submitting for the NPS entry. Is there anything annoying or that you don't like about the video? I have a few days to make some changes if you do!

Also, if you like it, please share it with friends... the more that we get eyeballs on the product ahead of ICAST, the better the showing so we can get more people enjoying the benefits of the Freedom Launcher.


It began with an email from Breanna. She and her husband Gary own Ozello Keys Marina near Crystal River, Florida. She inquired if I would be interested in providing a demo Freedom Launcher so she and her crew could review on an upcoming Facebook Live show they host. It sounded like a good idea so off the product went. It landed in Carlos' hands. He is a fishing guide and tournament fisherman with a Hobie PA 12.

So far Carlos is having good success with his Freedom Launcher. Then I reached out wondering if he would be willing to work with me to capture some drone footage.

He lined me up with Sean, another fishing guide as well as videographer. I ended up not going to Florida as planned to film the shoot. Good thing... I would have messed it up!!

Thanks to Sean, Will, and Carlos for the composite videos. Guy, I couldn't do it without you!!

Thanks also to all my current customer who have put their faith and hard earned dollars into a Freedom Launcher purchase. So far, I'm hearing good reports from you all!

Tight lines to all!


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