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Great Response from the Kayak Angler News Article

I'm really pleased with the hundreds of visitors to the site after the Hobie PA customer article posted yesterday. I'm assuming many of you are curious about the Freedom Launcher, and may want more information before considering a purchase. I've thought of several "next Videos" to help provide answers to your questions. Which one of the following resonate with you. I'll post this on Facebook initially, but also include in YouTube and you all can provide comments to help me dial in what you want to see:

Next Video Concepts:

  1. Installing Freedom Launcher on the Old Town Bigwater 132

  2. Installing Freedom Launcher on the Salty PDL

  3. What is a Leg sweep angle and how does it help?

  4. What options are available with the Freedom Launcher?

  5. How do I order the Freedom Launcher exactly?

  6. Can I see one at a dealership?

  7. How much weight can a Freedom Launcher handle?

  8. What is the tongue weight on my hands going to be?

  9. How exactly does the leg locking mechanism work?

  10. Is it ready for saltwater?

Which of these resonates with you? What's most important or urgent in your buying decision.

Give me a shout on Facebook or YouTube.

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