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Great First Day at Canoecopia 2023!!!

Due to bad weather around Rockford, IL, we unexpected stopped short of our destination Thursday evening... whew, glad we did.

We arrived in Madison around 8:30 am with sloppy boats full of snow... a great situation as we move into our 20' x 20' booth to share the value story of the Freedom Launcher from Wilder Side. The doors opened at 3pm and we had lots of traffic stopping buy... curious eyes with some very interested customers. Several serious inquiries. One in particular stood out to me. A Jackson Knarr owner who spent over $200 for a strap on cart that was sturdy but just wouldn't reliably stay under that heavy beast. He felt like that was money down the drain. So I walked 50 feet over to the Jackson display and saw just how easy it would be to put a Freedom Launcher on that vessel, and spoke with the salesman who gave me some advice. I'm like a kid in a candy factory -- so much cool gear all in one place. If you like to float on the water, this event should be on your bucket list!!!! Largest indoor paddlesport show in the world.

The movie was from Thursday night just before we called it a night. The still pictures were from our life yesterday... and a shout out to Jeff Shoumaker who joined our team for a 24 hour crash course in selling the value features of the Freedom Launcher. He is a ton!! Thanks Jeff!

Picture of Mel and I as we grab a brat in the midst of scrambling to set up our booth!

On to day two!! Hope you all have a great day.... let me know if this post brings you a laugh, information, how it does or doesn't move you!!


David Schricker

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