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Finally, a way to attach a cam buckle or ratchet strap to your adventure gear and avoid straps through your doorframes!  Ideal for stabilizing a large load like a kayak or canoe.  This unique and patent-pending design enables trapping a strap hook inside the bracket body.  Also works great with cam buckle straps.  Enables one person to install the hook and throw the strap over your load, then attach the other side without pulling on the strap during the process.  Other solutions allow the hook to fall out – think “d”-ring.  Unit mounts securely and will not bounce or create noise – important for mobile applications.  Four 1/4" holes allow you to securely mount to any flat surface.  Bracket body cross-hole enables inserting handy pin to attach a strap to the universal bracket.  Made of durable and weatherproof HDPE that can withstand sunshine and rain.  Special proprietary grooved cavity enables attaching various hooks and straps to securely hold lightweight items to the bracket.  Possible mounting locations include adventure vehicle (Jeeps, Broncos, Pop-up campers).   Clevis pins and mounting hardware made of stainless steel.  Everything included to mount to your thin-walled surface (up to 3/16” thick).   Backing plate included.   Should only be used as part of a multi-point load securing system.  Working load limit of 120 lbs.

Universal Cam Buckle Attachment Kit with Backing Plate and Stainless Hardware

$174.99 Regular Price
$157.49Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Unique bracket body has small footprint with textured black surface – looks great on black tops
    • Sliding clevis pin enables inserting and trapping a ratchet strap hook
    • Environmental seal keeps moisture on the outside
    • Tall stance better distributes loads into the mounting surface
    • Bracket bores provide a natural drill guide for mounting ease
    • Included in kit are two each of: bracket body, environmental seal, backing plate, clevis pin, and cotter pin; as well as eight stainless steel ¼”-20 by 2” bolts, nuts, and washers
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